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About Us

Hola! 👋

We are Gary and Lisa 🙂

What can we tell you about us?

Let’s start with our journey which started in 2013 from a seaside town in North Devon.....

Like most people, we went on holidays to different countries to holiday resorts, but we never knew what was behind the tourist areas and attractions.

We wanted to change that, so we began planning our big move abroad....

Yes, some people thought we were mad when we decided to move to Spain!

Especially when we said we were going to head to the holiday resorts of the places we already knew!

But we packed up our belongings, along with our beloved two jack Russell dogs, into our transit van and we headed off to Spain on our road trip, via the tunnel! Wow what a journey we was in for!

Not knowing anything about inland Spain and the charm it has to offer, we got here and visited all the charming towns away from the usual hustle and bustle of the tourist areas.

We fell head over heels with inland Spain with its quaintness, traditions and cultures.

Before we knew it, we bought a three bedroom detached house, off grid, in Castilla La Mancha.

All at a fraction of the price you would pay on the costas.

We then decided to add to our family of animals and soon had cats, chickens, geese, ducks and even peacocks!

We soon realised the beauty of living off grid; we have no electricity bills, we grow our own vegetables, we have fresh eggs daily and we even make our own wine from our small grapevines. 

Our new life had really begun!

We still pinch ourselves every morning when we open our shutters and see the sun shining and our little farm!

We cannot believe how lucky we are!

We love socialising with our numerous Spanish friends, and other nationalities, as well as the small expats community.

We now want to share this experience with others so they can live this dream, so this is why we have set up Jewels Estate Agents.

To help you find your happiness in the Spanish sun, just like we have!

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