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To Off-Grid
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Save the planet, save on bills!

Off grid living can go as far as you want to take it.

Just want some solar panels for that free electricity?

Why not?

Or do you want a solar water heater and a wind turbine as well? 

There's nothing to stop you!

Most autonomous regions in Spain are offering incentives for solar panels, so now is the perfect time to set up your off-grid paradise.

The inland property you buy may already have mains electricity, but this doesn’t mean it can't become an off grid property!

We live in an off grid property ourselves, so we know all about how to get set up and can advise on the best practices.

We have solar panels, a wind turbine and in the near future we are looking to introduce a solar water heater as well.

Why not with all this free sun?!

The benefits of solar and wind turbines mean you are reducing your carbon footprint, helping the planet, it’s energy efficient and what’s more, it’s free electricity!

No more bills!

You also get personal satisfaction knowing you are helping the planet and producing your own energy. 

Self sufficient living

Living off grid has endless possibilities; how does growing all your own fruit and vegetables sound?!

Most campo houses (country houses) come with more land than you can imagine, so you can begin to grow your own produce, in no time at all.

Spain is well known for production of wine and olives and you could have your own olive, almond and fruit trees; even your own grapevines!

There is so much you can grow in Spain to be self sufficient and there is nothing better than the satisfaction of eating your own fresh produce .

You can even have chickens, ducks, anything you can think of if you have the land!

Living off grid is psychologically empowering; it’s good for your mental health being in tune with nature and enjoying the freedom it has to offer.

If this is the sort of lifestyle you are looking for, contact us now to begin your off grid journey!

Image by Tom Ungerer


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